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Single PE Coated Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-Q12

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This type of paper cup forming machinery is a multi-station automatic cup making equipment. Installed with photoelectric sensor, fault detecting device, high-precision counter and other instruments, this paper converting instrument is frequently asked for production and manufacture of a comprehensive range of drink cups. The paper cup maker fulfills a number of complex procedures and is noted for easy operation, stable properties, little occupied area and high production.

Strengths of Cup Forming Equipment
1. Sealed by copper heating rod, cups made by this machine are only applicable for hot drinks.
2. The applied knurling device is endowed with high pressure, over 10 times as high as that of traditional knurling machine. What's more, it has features like high precision and difficult-to-wear.
3. The retractable knife makes even wrinkles at the bottom of cup, leading to low leakage and long-time use. In addition to this, it's unnecessary to disassemble the entire punching holder for changing molds. Such a design does little harm to the machine and saves lots of replacing time.
4. A robot arm is used to collect and turn over cups, decreasing working time and energy cost.

Main Configurations of Paper Cup Maker

  • This single PE coated paper cup forming machine is ultra-easy to clean and maintain due to a detachable enclosure.
  • As for cup forming, a retractable knife is used for uniform bottom wrinkles, good sealing and low leakage.
  • The patented bottom rolling device provides 5 times embossing force of traditional rolling device. This device provides clear and uniform pattern and low leakage
  • In order for good quality, all molds are produced by modern CNC processing machines.
  • The alarming system adopts multi-position inspection and automatically gives an alarm when it tests cup bottom shortage or accumulation during the manufacture.
  • Three strong shafts and two high quality springs are used to achieve a stable operation.
  • A robot arm is installed for picking up dropped cups

We offer two types of transmission system to clients.

  • Cheap gearbox and chain type
  • Modern cam and chain type, durable and stable
Technical Parameters
Model MG-Q12
Production capacity 45-55pcs/min
Paper Cup Size 2-12 ounce(50ml-350ml)
Raw material 150-350g single coated paper
Electricity 220V50Hz1phase/380V50Hz3phase
Power 3.5KW
Net weight 1500Kg
Dimensions 2800mm×1400mm×1700mm
Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5TFQlAzdwU

Maintenance of MG-Q12 single PE paper cup machine should be carried out in strict compliance with the maintenance guidance.
1. Every component should be cleaned up carefully.
2. For sanitation and cleanliness, a fixed schedule should be maintained to clean and wipe the machine. Greasy dirt should be removed from the paper, die and roller. The machine must be kept from paper scraps, dust, plastic rolling, etc.
3. Glycerol can be used to lubricate the entire machine.

All machines are packaged by wooden case.

After-sale Service
1. A user guide is included to assist with the machine installation and adjustment and help solve problems that may be encountered.
2. The MG-Q12 single PE paper cup machine will be adjusted one week prior to delivery to make sure it is in perfect condition.
3. Technicians are available to guide the installation and adjustment on site. This service would be at the buyer's expense, which includes the technician's salary ($100 USD/day), traveling expense, accommodation, consulting fee, etc.
4. Free training is available and ongoing until the operator fully understands the operation and maintenance of our machine. The buyer should cover traveling and accommodation expenses of our technicians.
5. Our company provides wearing parts at no charge for one year.

1. We offer a one-year warranty for the MG-Q12 Automatic High Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine from the shipment date.
2. The warranty does not cover normally worn components.
3. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by misuse, improper handling, negligent maintenance, intentional injury or other damages.

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