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    1. Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-C700This piece of paper converting equipment provides a multi-station design and is able to make single and double PE coated beverage cups, ice cream cups, coffee cups, bubble tea cups and more.
    1. Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-Z12MG-Z12 is a kind of multi-station automatic cup forming machine and equipped with a number of functional devices. With the assistance of this machine, workers save a great deal of time and energy, without compromising product quality and output.
    1. Double PE Coated Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-X12Equipped with photoelectric sensor, micro frequency converter, precise cup counter and other processing devices, this multi-station automatic cup former independently finishes a series of cup manufacturing steps, like feeding, sealing, bottom cutting, etc.
    1. Single PE Coated Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-Q12Installed with photoelectric sensor, fault detecting device, high-precision counter and other instruments, this paper converting instrument is frequently asked for production and manufacture of a comprehensive range of drink cups.
    1. Paper Bowl Forming Machine MG-Z35Noted for multi-station automatic operation, this paper bowl former integrates a series of processing procedures, such as paper feeding, sealing, heating, bottom cutting, knurling, curling and collecting.
    1. Paper Cup With Handle Machine MG-ZHOn the basis of multi-station paper cup maker, this kind of cup forming equipment is a kind of improvement and upgrade. Outfitted with a handle applicator, this product completes the handle cutting and sealing automatically.
    1. Automatic Die Cutting Machine MG-C850This paper cup punching machine makes good use of frequency converter, servo feeding device and photoelectric sensor. Thus, it is much more efficient, material saving and profitable compared to commonly used die cutting machines.
    1. Ripple Cup Making Machine MG-RCMG-RC ripple cup former is a piece of multi-station paper cup making machinery which possesses an exceptionally high degree of automation.
    1. Cup Top Flatten Machine MG-FTAs one of our newly R&D achievements, cup top flatten machine adopts ultrasonic technique for sealing of paper or aluminized paper. It's well known for its wonderful sealing performance and ultra-low leakage.
    1. Cup Top Flatten Machine MG-DFTMG-DFT is the other type of paper cup rim flattener we designed. In addition to those regular functions of the former one, this type of paper cup rim flattening machinery is more stable and faster.
    1. In order to meet huge market demands, we designed and launched this paper plate former. This newly developed paper plate making equipment completes formerly complex processing and makes it an automatic, standard and manpower saving process.
    1. Produced in full compliance with international standards, this paper cup former enjoys stable performance, standard manufacture and good production capacity. The paper tub forming machine is extremely applicable to make popcorn cups, paper tubs and more. Cups produced by it possess a maximum height of 200mm.
    1. This flexo printing equipment automatically completes unwinding, web guiding, corona discharging, printing, infrared drying and rewinding. It has attained stellar reputation in the printing industry. An anilox roller is used to spread ink. Unwinding and rewinding are both controlled by magnetic powder brake, clutch and tension controller.
    1. MG-L450 automatic plastic lid making machine has the capacity to make an entire array of plastic lids from a wide range of raw materials. Upon request, the lid shape can be customized. This lid machine meets GMP/QS standards. A series of processing steps can be fulfilled with one machine, time saving and easy to operate.
    1. This type of paper forming machinery is appropriate for producing ice cream cone wraps and other similar paper cone sleeves. Currently, there are several kinds of molds, with a processing angle scoping from 15°to 28°. This ice cream cone sleeve maker introduces vital processing devices from famous brands and adopts a lubricating system to prolong its lifespan.
    1. Intended for quality control, the paper cup faultiness detecting equipment inspects every corner of the paper cup, allowing for low leakage. One year warranty: For damaged parts caused by improper materials or workmanship, we will send you brand new components at no charge, but you need to cover the transport fee.
    1. The main control circuit applies intelligent chips, which in turn provides accurate measurement and automatic malfunction examination. Additionally, matched with a touch screen, it's easy and convenient to operate. A double-frequency mechanical design contributes to easy maintenance, less wear and long service life.

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