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Paper Cup Faultiness Detection Machine MG-DC

Paper cup faultiness detecting machine, cup detecting, paper cup faultiness detector

Intended for quality control, the paper cup faultiness detecting equipment inspects every corner of the paper cup, allowing for low leakage.

Technical Parameters of Paper Cup Faultiness Detector
Model MG-DC
Total power 3.7KW
Electricity 380V 50Hz
Weight 1800KG
Machine size 1600mm×1500mm×2000mm
Package size 1700mm×1650mm×2150mm
Connecting to machine(Optional) 1. Middle-speed/high-speed machines
2. Three low-speed machines
3. Four low-speed machines *Connection tube is not included(Extra charge) *Cup collector is optional (Extra charge) *Transit table is optional (Extra charge)
Item Parameters
Detecting items Cup rim: size, sealing, printing, curling, fracture, etc. Cup bottom: size, bottom sunken, stain, fracture, pressure sensitive adhesive, etc.
Faultiness rate < 0.5 %
Detecting speed ≤200pcs/min
Related rate Passing rate is 100% while the diameter of black spot is bigger than 0.6 mm Fault detection rate > 99.9% while the diameter of black spot is between 0.3mm and 0.6mm Passing rate> 99.9% while mouth ovality is bigger than 0.5 mm
Application Water cups, beverage cups, coffee cups, milk-tea cups and instant noodles bowls
Visual technique Advanced image visual detection
Image processing Location match Automatic search for designated area size detection Compare with setting parameter
Real time monitoring Phone and computer can be connected to the machine and monitor the running situation in real time
No. Detection specification of products ( Unit: mm ) Detecting items Note
Mouth dia.(mm) Bottom dia. (mm) Height (mm) Angle ( ° )
1 100-140 60-120 50-120 ≥6 Mouth detection+ Bottom detection For cups higher than 120mm or with an angle less than 6°, the machine should be equipped with two-station detecting device for the mouth detection.
2 70-100 40-60 50-120 ≥6
3 50-70 35-40 40-115 ≥6

After-sales Service
1. One year warranty: For damaged parts caused by improper materials or workmanship, we will send you brand new components at no charge, but you need to cover the transport fee.
2. Technicians are available to guide the installation and adjustment on site. This service would be at the buyer's expense, which includes the technician's salary ($100 USD/day), traveling expense, accommodation, consulting fee, etc.
3. More details will be included in the contract.

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