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Double PE Coated Paper Bowl Forming Machine MG-X35

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MG-X35 is superior to other similar paper bowl making machine, thanks to its attractive price and high-degree automation. This piece of double PE coated paper bowl former completes a series of bowl processing steps, like feeding, sealing, bottom cutting, to name a few. Extensive applications of this bowl maker are found to produce snack containers, instant noodles bowl and more.

Outstanding Features of Paper Bowl Former
1. The machine enclosure is easy to disassemble and makes the routine machine examination and maintenance simple and convenient.
2. The stretchable knife makes sure good sealing between bowl bottom and main body. It decreases the leakage rate.
3. It is this patented bottom rolling device that offers 5 times embossing force of traditional equipment. That’s why paper products produced by our company have clear and uniform patterns.
4. All molds are processed by CNC lathes, leading to good quality and standard specifications.
5. The alarming system is very functional. It will give an alarm as soon as any technical error or fault is tested.

Technical Information of Paper Bowl Maker
Paper bowl capacity: 35 OZ or customized
Paper Material: 240-300g/m2 Single or double PE coated paper
Production capacity: 35-45 pcs/min
Power Source: 220V/380V 50Hz
Total Power: 9KW
Total Weight: 2500KG
Package Size: 2800mm*1200mm*1600mm
Air consumption: Pressure: 0.4Mpa, input: 0.6m3/min

1. We are able to provide customized service, including dimensions, paper cup molds and so forth.
2. You need to buy an air compressor for manufacture of double PE coasted paper bowls.

Major Configurations

  • This paper container making equipment is equipped with an ultrasonic sealing head, which provides 10,000 times of vibration per second to make good sealing.
  • Featured by high precision and anti-abrasion, the knurling device makes good use of imported bearings. The pressure provided by this device is at least 10 times higher than that by traditional knurling equipment, leading to clear and nice pattern.
  • The sealing heater provides good sealing in an electricity-saving manner.
  • In the alarming system, the contactless switch works well with the photoelectric sensor. The machine will shut down immediately when any malfunction error is detected, such as bowl bottom shortage or accumulation.
  • This bottom rolling device provides 5 times embossing force of traditional rolling machine. That’s why pattern on bowls are clear and uniform. Meanwhile, the leakage issue is also solved.
  • For quality control, all bowl molds are produced by CNC machines
  • Ultrasonic techniques are applied to do sealing of single or double PE coated paper bowls, which are ideal to contain hot or cold food.
  • This robot arm is frequently used for picking up cups. It's safe and convenient.
  • Three shafts and two springs are mounted to make sure the machine runs well.

Two transmission systems are available

  • Gearbox and chain type at a low price
  • Cam and chain type with high stability

Our company provides unsurpassed and consistent service for clients. We can help you resolve problems via e-mail, telephone, video, etc. For better service, our customer service staff will be online around the clock. If needed, we can assign professional engineers or technicians to your company.

All machines will be packaged with wooden cases.

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