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Cup Top Flatten Machine MG-FT

Cup top flatten machine, cup top flatten machine for yogurt cup, CE certification cup top flatten machine, paper cup machine

As one of our newly R&D achievements, cup top flatten machine adopts ultrasonic technique for sealing of paper or aluminized paper. It's well known for its wonderful sealing performance and ultra-low leakage.

Technical Data of Rim Flattening Machinery
Max diameter: 100mm
Production capacity: 30-35 pcs/min
Electricity consumption: 1.5KW
Weight: 250 kg
Size: 1000mm*1000mm*1200mm


Our company provides unsurpassed and consistent service for clients. We can help you resolve problems via e-mail, telephone, video, etc. For better service, our customer service staff will be online around the clock. If needed, we can assign professional engineers or technicians to your company.

All machines will be packaged with wooden cases.

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